So much satisfaction.

These are my new favorite things in the world.

It’s like “Hey Brain! GOOD JOB!!!!”

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by ceba
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A Year Later

Luke never Learns 


Layton, Ace Attorney artbooks coming from Udon ⊟

Yayyy, Udon Entertainment will be publishing English versions of the Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies artbook and the Professor Layton handbook, which, by the way, had better have a puzzle on every other page or somebody done goofed.

Also the artbook for Gungnir, one of Sting’s Dept. Heaven strategy games? How intriguingly random. I am down with a reality in which a company can survive translating and printing artbooks for Gungnir in America.

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This is porn.


あみあん日記 No.1129

his hat!


Ok, so people asked me for more OP x HxH crossover…have some half cleaned sketches ^^’

 Raidou Kuzunoha’ (SMT: devil summoner)